Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Three Poems, by Jason Heroux



After Padgett

I saw a darkened cloud of something.
I stood under it.
It did what it had to do,
and rained.
This is where things get interesting:
when the rain fell to the earth
the rain wet my clothes,
and I was cold.
This is where things get interesting:
I was cold.



At the assembly when they asked
If anyone had questions 

I was the first to raise a hand.
“Why aren’t there any numbers
in the alphabet?” 

No one had a clue.

They said they’d get
back to me with an answer but
they haven’t yet and never will. 

They never do.


A Death

A death
is a guest 

who stays

then out
of nowhere


its bags 

and stays





Jason Heroux is the author of four books of poetry: Memoirs of an Alias (2004); Emergency Hallelujah (2008); Natural Capital (2012) and Hard Work Cheering Up Sad Machines (2016). His most recent book is the novel Amusement Park of Constant Sorrow (Mansfield Press, 2018). He is the current Poet Laureate for the City of Kingston.

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