Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A hymn to stains on the convolutions of industry, by Joshua Martin


fantastic vertebrae a long licking corner of an unknown world spinning in its infinite dialogues spewed like patchy grasses left off a vowel dimpled coconut millionaire at the precipice of the bare shoulder blade tangled interspersed with algae glue & character accolades pealed backwards with handlebar clouds razor blade glimpse absence of leaping absence of leaping falling like scraps of wood         against leaf
wall                                   over
          beside                     circle
underwear                         dis-
half bended paralyzed
          sealed shielded between useless mushroom head half-regarded vanguard of tired plants to crash
                     to fall colliding with stairs revealed like the slow happenstance beside broken lamps the depths
                     where fists
                     ooze toward the
doorframe & surrounded
                                                              by mourners culpability:
                                                                        fizzled out a horn stuck
                     between the
                     that pass
                     heavily& never out again
neither more nor less
nor the subscriptions
          on the
stove deserted under tongue sliced envelope squirting vacant vestiges of uneducated priests carried over the soaked floors & into the creepy
                               fathomless closet that shivers & dissipates typified momentum
                                                              relegated to cleanliness to life
                     returned tug
                                                                                                                  tugging <beware of purification &
                               phrases like “clean line”> one brain
                                                                                  attached to
                                                                                  another warp speed density
                                         an innovative approach
                                         to destruction removed the bandages
abandoned the formation variety of etcetera syncopated to sprained perpetual nocturnal drooling of the slithering inevitable snake in plain sight officially less hollow than bare buttocks in the crystal hours of lilting poisons regardless of static pouring inconsistencies obviously a volcano as the foggy camera angles adjusted not to
                     utter a single upward lack of information the indiscretion of a belched mother against pieces fit at angles rusted beside drifting solids holes
                     like dismantled finger traps & hurricanes
          drown the cities & bury all histories until
                                                   nauseous forgotten
                               cursive lines battle gunshots then pass
                                                   out this month be unspeakable
          & lips to ear surrounds painstaking area rug
                               less otherness lengthwise lack of
                                         spectacle instead a fortress shining then lifted more
                                                              than rises entrails
of the seldom concealed postured average blame
                     unto the societies without
                                         sufficient plastic to succumb to
          the melting
                                                   melting bag over striking voluminous
                               potholes leaning against
                     the pyramid through
                                                   the quagmire
                                                              of the finite as rockpile altars in corner wheeze & cough over blinking lights stinging body
                               in varieties of one angle means dark agilities warmth of
                     rooms to flood &
                                                                                  to flick missed bare knuckle foundation hear / hear /
                                         hear /
                                                   the volume
                                                   jumps levels the cornerstone reads:
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of evaporation positioned at the point careening variations of sinking
                                                                                                       best step the
                                                                                  stench & the vividness unaware to the point of ingratitude before the under armor incline met with
eyes drenched in sickness & white rage the spread / the holes that form under the feet as delusions walk with deliberate period that stops the capacity
to enchant
the fingers
                     ready the tiny hairs yet concludes weariness the mouth
dry dilemmas into riverbed roof of mouth that result
                                                                        in promised thick & viscose renegade promise spent in tripping over scenes colossal wrists & an unreliable
framing device turned upward looking out of scars in perpetuity
                               bleary instinctual workings of the morning the point of distraction beneath grueling gaze or the moistness of dissipated gaze dwelling in constant glowing elusiveness feeling every moment blowing in temporary spectacles against reflections three times the mirrors separate avenues grow beyond peak
                     of intrigue lost
                                                   in the cobwebs of history across foreheads
                                                                                  eyebrows singularly crumbling heaving shoulders once pieced
                     together jigsaw puzzle unbalanced the rapid movements blinding on a foot
                                                                        misshapen the dust out of the hair
pubic region handled
                                                                                  with a proudly
                                                              stirred vagueness sleep 




Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the book Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had pieces previously published in Nauseated Drive, Fixator Press, The Vital Sparks, and Breakwater Review among others.

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