Sunday, March 28, 2021

Two Lipograms, by Lydia Unsworth




learn literacy
narrate a reality
train a brain
recite a litany, a yarn, a lyric 

cranial nectar
ratrace abater
banality a rarity
a certain clarity 

albeit binary latin linear errata 

a relatable tale
a liberal rant
a brilliant racy letter 

a cabinet, a cabinet, a cabinet
barely any telly






a squat queue erupts, upset

a request        a spat        arrests

russet pets tear up terra, rape, repress

suppress a state, erase status

austere pastures
spare a rupee? 

past pressures repeat

a statue



Lydia Unsworth has published two collections of poetry: Certain Manoeuvres (KFS Press, 2018) and Nostalgia for Bodies (2018 Erbacce Poetry Prize), and two pamphlets. Her latest pamphlet YIELD (KFS) and her debut novel Distant Hills (Atlatl Press) came out in 2020. Recent work can be found in Ambit, SPAM, Bath Magg, Blackbox Manifold, and The Interpreter’s House. Twitter: @lydiowanie

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